Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Here's a small collection of baby shower gift ideas that will show off your creativeness and thoughtfullness!

Baby Basket - Get a basket and fill it with teething rings, rattles, pacifiers, thermometer, diapers, baby wipes, wash cloths, baby books and more.
Diaper Service - If new parents plan on using cotton diapers, consider buying a year's subscription to a cloth diaper service. Such a company will come pick up the dirty diapers and give you clean ones.
Massage Kit - You can search for a pre-made baby massage kit or organise your own: load up a cosmetic case with towels, aromatherapy candles, baby oil, soothing music and a how-to-book on baby massage.
Magazine Subscription - A year's subscription to a parenting magazine will give parents practical tips and tools to cope with evey day problems.
First Year Journal - A journal is the best way for parents to remember the baby's journey through life.