Baby Shower Bingo

We have a list of printable baby shower bingo cards shown below. First, print off two copies of the master list. One copy will be used to check off names as they are called. Cut up the other copy of the masterlist and place it in a bowl.

Print copies of the bingo cards and hand them out before the game starts.

The host pulls pieces of paper with the words printed on out of a hat, and calls out the words, one at a time.

Each time a name is called, the guests are to check their cards. If the word appears on their card, they mark it off until a complete line is filled horizontally, vertically or diagonally. They should then shout out "Bingo!" and this person has won the game. Anyone can include the center "Free Space" square in their line.

If extra cards are needed, you can print duplicates. The guest who gets a correct line first and shouts "Bingo!" is declared the winner.

Here are 15 Baby Shower Bingo cards for you to print off with 2 blank cards (if you want to create your own).

Card 1 Card 6 Card 11
Card 2 Card 7 Card 12
Card 3 Card 8 Card 13
Card 4 Card 9 Card 14
Card 5 Card 10 Card 15